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Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Mudrooms are becoming increasingly popular in American home design and we’re swooning over the gorgeous pictures popping up in our various feeds. But what IS a mudroom and why is it important for your home? Read on to find out the what, where, and our favorite hows for making the most of your mudroom space, storage, and decor.

What Are Mudrooms?

A mudroom is a place to kick shoes off and store shoes, hang coats, hats, and bags, place baby seats and briefcases, store sports gear, and organize mail, packages, and more. It is a dedicated space in your home that ensures the rest of your home can stay neat and tidy.

Where Is The Mudroom Located?

A mudroom is typically and strategically located between the garage and main living space, or any high traffic door and the living space, though not usually the front door as that normally leads to the more formal entryway of the house. Off the kitchen is another common mudroom location.

How Do You Decorate A Mudroom?

A mudroom is a great place for organization. Decorating a mudroom should include reminder-type decor such as chalkboards, whiteboards, cork boards or magnet boards to help with scheduling and organizing incoming and outgoing mail and notes. Your mudroom will need flooring that is durable and water-resistant, but that doesn’t mean it can’t make a beautiful statement as well. A mudroom bench should be both cute and functional, preferably with dedicated storage space within or beneath it. 

Mudroom cabinets should be spacious and strategically laid out with storage options that fit your family’s interests and climate. For example…

  • Love skiing? You’ll want room to hang ski bags and flooring that can handle melting snow. 

  • Rainy region? You’ll need a spot for umbrellas, rain boots, and vented storage to allow things to dry. 

  • Young kids? You’ll want to hang your hooks a bit lower so little ones can hang up their own bags and coats. 

  • Dog lover? You can incorporate a kennel into your design.  

Best Mudroom Ideas: Our Favorites And Why 

Each mudroom will be as unique as the family whose home it is in, but we do have a few favorite mudroom ideas that are sure to make your space even more practical without sacrificing the pretty.

  • Cabinet benches with open cubbies underneath to allow for quick shoe removal and storage.

  • Drawers underneath mudroom benches if you’d rather keep everything out of sight.

  • Consider wider locker doors for less cramming and abuse of the cabinets.

  • Lots of bench top space for sitting down to remove shoes or setting down bags while removing coats.

  • Maybe even a separate stool in a corner that is small enough to not invite clutter but allows for short term seating.

  • Make a statement with unique mudroom flooring design or cabinet doors or hardware—remember, the utilitarian nature of the mudroom doesn’t have to make it uninviting.

Just remember that the mudroom is one of the most worn-out rooms in a house so being methodical and efficient in this space can lead to much more satisfaction in the use of the space and in the overall cleanliness of the rest of your home.

What Is A Good-Sized Mudroom?

A good mudroom size should follow the approximate 20-foot-per-person rule. For example, for a family of 5, a mudroom should be around 15’ x 7’ or even 12’ x 10’. This will all depend on the layout of your home and the plans for cabinetry and storage benches in the mudroom.


Cabinet Paint: Vintage Vogue by Benjamin Moore

Floors: Tile

Designer: Kwick Fix Home Design

Hardware: Antique brass

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Cabinet Paint: Pure White by Sherwin Williams

Floors: Tile

Designer: Kwick Fix Home Design

Hardware: Flat black

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